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Katia Designs:

Female Empowerment, Uniqueness, and Expression.

With a returning customer rate of almost 40%, we want to help retailers like you increase your own customer base by partnering with you to carry our pieces in your brick and mortar boutique, spa, salon or fitness studio. 

Our patented design that allows you to wear a singular necklace three different ways is just one of the many incredible parts of our jewelry.

Each piece has been designed by our founder & CEO, Katia Rudnick, with the intent to inspire and remind those that wear it of who they are.

We offer messages of encouragement (and a little bit of sass) while pairing them with stunning and versatile color and material combinations. 

Quick Facts About Katia Designs

❤️ 40% Returning Customer Rate

❤️ Patented Design

❤️ $120 AOV

❤️ Dedicated Fan Base

❤️ 24.8K Followers on IG

Check out Katia Designs on Instagram

Check out Katia Designs on Instagram